Dave’s Lowdown Jam

As Always, looking forward to whatever happens at Catfish Lou’s:

Monday from 6:00 – 8:00



PHONE: 971-317-2919

Please get there before eight if you want to keep the jam going. We’ve frequently played until Nine or Later, and I’m totally up for that, but i don’t want people to be disappointed when they show up at 8:30 and there is no music happening. Help me keep it going later and I’ll stick around.

Again, huge thanks to all who have come out an made music with me. This is about building community. I especially love seeing the younger generations jamming with the older ones – the more experienced jamming with the less experienced.

All Musical Expression is Valid at Some Point!

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Dave’s Lowdown Jam

Hey all,

Just want to let you know I’m starting up a “Lowdown” Jam session, Monday, July 31st at 6:00 PM.


6540 SW FALLBROOK PL ~ BEAVERTON, OR ~  971-317-2919

People have been asking me things like:

  • What Style?
  • Who is Welcome to play?
  • Is there a format?
  • Is there backline?
  • Who’s in the Band?

The answer’s are:  everyone, no format, no particular style, I’m the band.  I view this like inviting you into my living room, which is Catfish Lou’s for the evening.  We’ll hang out, talk, listen, and if friends want to join me.  They are welcome.  I’ll have a keyboard, some percussion toys and a microphone, maybe a bass and a guitar handy.  If I end up playing by myself that’s fine, if people would like to play music with me, that’s cool too.  I’ll have some charts available that I like to play, or if you’d like to bring a tune in, be prepared to teach it to me in under a minute.

Hope that answer’s any questions.  You are welcome to email me @


if you have any questions.

Be Cool!



Hello Everybody,

Welcome to my website,

After some health issues this year, I’m back performing with a number of different projects. I’m excited to be back and playing again, I have a newfound vigor for making music of all kinds and with all people. I call it MusInclusivity. Hit me up if you’d like me to perform any of the music you find in my videos or music store. I’m on spotify, which is easy for people, however I don’t make any money from it. I’ll include a link here, but if you really want to support me, consider going to my Bandcamp page or you can paypal me and I’ll send you Wav’s, AIFF’s or physical CD’s:

Here’s the corporate garbage site that doesn’t pay musicians, but you all use it anyway, so…

New Album by The Euge Organ Trio

I’m proud to announce that there is a new album by the Euge Organ Trio available for purchase – both physically and digitally.  For the past couple of years we have had a bi-weekly residency at Solae’s Lounge on Alberta St. in Northeast Portland, and we now have a recording of the cohesion that regular playing brings to a group.


Veteran guitarist and talent buyer Peter Dammann says, “You guys sound like a band.”

The Euge Organ Trio is a groove oriented, soul-jazz group hailing out of Portland, Oregon. Consisting of organist Dave Fleschner (Curtis Salgado / The Blues Cabaret), drummer Tom “Euge” Goicoechea (Professor Gall / The Quadraphones) and guitarist Teddy Presberg (pigWar / DoveDriver), the three are sure to keep audiences both moving to the groove and eagerly anticipating whatever might come next out of their free-spirited improvisational approach.

Rooted in the tradition of classic organ trios such as Jimmy Smith and JackMcDuff, the group is also influenced by contemporary groupslike Medeski, Martin and Wood, The City Champs, and Soulive. One can also hear the hip-hop influences of J-Dilla and genre pushing stylings of Robert Glasper in their compositions as well. Playing mostly original music, and influenced by soul-jazz both classic and new, The Euge Organ trio will keep you positively on the edge of your seat in excitement while paradoxically dancing to their immersive sound!

On “…Rides Again!,” their debut album, the three combined each of their own individual song writing talents to form a cohesive and unique style of original compositions. Featuring nearly equal contributions from the members, the songs give a nod to their influences while simultaneously forging a new sonic footprint in the organ trio realm. Give The Euge Organ Trio and “…Rides Again” a listen and you won’t be disappointed!



released December 3, 2017

Dave Fleschner – organ and wurlitzer
Tom “Euge” Goicoechea – drums and tablas
Teddy Presberg – guitars

recorded at Fleschtone Studios and Hallowed Halls
mixed by Teddy Presberg, Dave Fleschner, and Justin Phelps
mastered by Presberg/Fleschner

Welcome to my Website

I hope you’ll take some time to check out my music and videos while you’re here.  I’ve got some great gigs coming up in Portland over the next few weeks, so please stop by and feel free to say “hello.”  As you can see from the variety of projects on this website, I’ve always got my irons in a few different fires, and I feel lucky to be part of this great music community in Portland and beyond.

For booking or press inquiries or any questions you might have, please email me at:  dave@davefleschner.com

Have a great day, and come back again soon.  Thank you for supporting music!