Dave’s Lowdown Jam

Hey all,

Just want to let you know I’m starting up a “Lowdown” Jam session, Monday, July 31st at 6:00 PM.


6540 SW FALLBROOK PL ~ BEAVERTON, OR ~  971-317-2919

People have been asking me things like:

  • What Style?
  • Who is Welcome to play?
  • Is there a format?
  • Is there backline?
  • Who’s in the Band?

The answer’s are:  everyone, no format, no particular style, I’m the band.  I view this like inviting you into my living room, which is Catfish Lou’s for the evening.  We’ll hang out, talk, listen, and if friends want to join me.  They are welcome.  I’ll have a keyboard, some percussion toys and a microphone, maybe a bass and a guitar handy.  If I end up playing by myself that’s fine, if people would like to play music with me, that’s cool too.  I’ll have some charts available that I like to play, or if you’d like to bring a tune in, be prepared to teach it to me in under a minute.

Hope that answer’s any questions.  You are welcome to email me @


if you have any questions.

Be Cool!


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