Zuppa is an instrumental soul/jazz/funk-inspired organ trio comprised of A.G. Donnaloia, (guitar), Dave Fleschner (Hammond B3) and Anthony Jones (drums). Audiences have responded to the band’s passionate intimacy as if they were on some adrenaline-raising mid-way ride.

Guitarist/composer Donnaloia, of the big band Grooveyard, had always dreamed of assembling an organ trio that enjoined stellar players, tasty tunes and intuitive playing. The three met in May of 2002 and at the first practice nailed seven songs; by that summer, they had three sets ready to debut.

Zuppa found the perfect residency at the eastside’s funky flavored Goodfoot Lounge. Engineer Justin Huggins recorded the band over a three month period and culled the best live takes for the debut. The full length, eight song collection showcases the band’s formidable cover skills and introduces the members as astute composers in their own right.

Donnaloia is lauded for his exquisite guitar tone – a dark warm timbre reminiscent of Wes Montgomery and George Benson. Dave has mastered the groove potential of the Hammond B3, influenced by masters like Brother Jack McDuff, Larry Young and Don Patterson. Anthony draws on his gospel-based training. His soulful R&B sound is informed by remarkable timing, clear tone and versatility, reflected by the influences of Israel Annoh, Dennis Chambers and Ray Tellis.

The economy inherent in the structure of an organ trio is fully realized in Zuppa as they inspire each other while leaving room for each other. They share a close attention to detail yet keep their ears wide open. “As a group we all have a puzzle piece,” muses Donnaloia. “It’s less about soloing and more about three individuals coming together to create really compelling music.”