Dave Fleschner Quintet - Goodnight

Dave Fleschner’s CD, “At Home,” marks his debut record as pianist, band-leader and composer. Fleschner began writing the music for “At Home” motivated by the idea that music is an evolutionary art form. This music is the search for balance between challenge and ease, composition and improvisation, beauty and chaos, the past and the current. The album features performances by longtime musical associates of Fleschner’s including drummers Ken Ollis, Anthony Jones and Joel Fadness; Bassists Tyler Smith and Bill Athens; Saxophonist Marc Hutchinson; Guitarists Dan Gildea and A.G.Donnaloia, as well as a special guest appearance by Veteran Saxophonist John Gross.

Press about the Recording:

“All in all, Fleschner & his group render their
music with a raw as well as an extraordinary & authentic jazz feeling.” George Carroll, ejazznews

“Fleschner shows a multi faceted talent at the piano, with his strong suit in the bop bag. His ballad style is filled with graceful lines and sensitivity.” John Gilbert

Dave Fleschner has “a strong vision… Fleschner has more than demonstrated his abilities” Marty Hughley, The Oregonian

Dave Fleschner, “…has his act wired tight, oozing soulful pulp all over the place.” John Chandler, Portland Tribune

Dave Fleschner plays “… With a vengeance and fury” Bob Cooper, On-line Musicnet

These are the artists who join Fleschner on the album:
Fleschner is honored to have had John Gross perform on the tunes ‘Brother’ and ‘The Runner.’ In 1960 Gross became a sideman with Harry James and went on to play with Johnny Mathis, Stan Kenton, Lionel Hampton, and Shelly Manne. As one of Shelly Manne’s Men playing weekly at the Manne Hole night club in Los Angeles, Gross played opposite all the jazz greats of the era. When the club closed, he toured and recorded with many bands, such as Toshiko Akiyoshi’s Orchestra. In 1985 Gross formed THREEPLAY with Putter Smith on bass and Larry Koonse on guitar. Their first album, self named THREEPLAY (Nine Winds, 1991), was a preliminary nomination for two Grammys. In 1990 Gross moved to Portland Oregon to teach at the University of Oregon and Portland State University. In 1998 Advanced Music published Gross’ “Multiphonics for the Saxophone, A Practical Guide.” “…he’s referred to as a musician’s musician…for over twenty years a mainstay in the American Jazz scene… His playing is deeply, profoundly human, fat and sensuous yet hard and jagged, inflamed with a gleeful audacity.” D. Clark, Vancouver Courier, Dec, 1994

Ken Ollis is a young drummer of phenomenal skill and has performed with many jazz greats including: Bud Shank, Julian Priester, Ingrid Jensen, Eric Reed, Kenny Werner, Judi Silvano, John Gross, John Stowell, Darrell Grant. He is currently performing with Pepe and the Bottle Blondes, Jane Wright, and Rob Scheps’ Salon des Refuses. Ken Ollis “… is a great asset, laying down a solid beat while adding just enough syncopation to keep the groove right.” – Claus Almroth, Positively Entertainment

Guitarist Dan Gildea has a sophistated approach to the guitar that he’s honed performing with such diverse acts as Mary Kadderly, Stephanie Scneiderman, Mel Brown and Louis Pain. Gildea plays with sympathy and understanding, but isn’t afraid to rock out when it’s called for.

Portland native saxophonist Marc Hutchinson has developed an ability to captivate his audience with soul-drenched melodic lines. He has performed with Darrell Grant, Mel Brown, Dan Faenhle, the D.K. Stewart Band, Patrick Lamb, the Ken Derouchie band, as well as with national artists Ingrid Jensen and Don Braden. Marc can also be found performing with Flatland, Grooveyard and Chata Addy.

Bassist Tyler Smith has been playing in Portland for years, spending his time playing country with Melody Guy, soul with the Kathy Walker Band, rock with Jane Wright, cocktail jazz with Johnny Martin, big band jazz with Keith Werner’s Swing Review Big Band, and fusion with Groove Revelation. He has also perforemd with no table artists Stix Hooper of the Crusaders, Graham Lear of Santana, Jeff Usatello, Dan Balmer, and Eddie Wied.

Bassist Bill Athens brings melodic sensibility to his playing without sacrificing the groove. Bill has performed with renowned jazz guitarist Jerry Hahn, Darrell Grant, the Jackson-Mills Big Band and can currently be heard playing with jazz singer/songwriter Mary Kadderly, the Rose City Chamber Orchestra (as principal bass), and other local talents.

Drummer Anthony Jones draws on his gospel-based training. His soulful R&B sound is informed by remarkable timing, clear tone and versatility, reflected by the influences of Israel Annoh, Dennis Chambers and Ray Tellis. He is a founding member with his brother of N’Touch.

Drumer and percussionist Joel Fadness has worked with the San Francisco Mime Troupe, Robert Mirabal, native american flutist, San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, Jaka, Zimbabwean marimba band, Realistic, Chata Addy, afro-reggae highlife, Groove Revelation, jazz sextet, Portland State University Percussion Ensemble, Platonics Trio, Cannonball, Bob Crawford, Savoy Swingers, and Adam Theis.