Is Live Streaming the way forward in the Music Biz?

 The short story of this blog is that I’m trying out live-streaming on KRUE, and I’d love to have you check it out.  I’m going to go into a lot more detail for those of you that are interested, but if you’re not into reading long blogs, I’ll just ask for your support in checking out the app.  It’s free, and you can create an account easily by logging in with Facebook, Twitter or your phone number.  If you can’t make it while I’m streaming, you can also check out my streams later.

This particular app is full of people much younger than me, but I like the interface, and the community seems very supportive.  It’s easy to navigate, and if just a few of you logged in and gave me a vote, I would start making real money pretty soon.  You don’t have to buy anything to support me in this!  Just check out my profile, give me some free reactions and/or a vote and I can move up their charts.

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                                  My Research on Live Streaming
I’ve been checking out some of these live streaming services online after I read this article in the Wall Street Journal:

It’s about the different formats available for artists now to live stream, kind of like people are already doing on Facebook Live.  The difference is that these sites are dedicated to music – they seem to offer a lot for both fans and artists – and the artists can be tipped directly by their fans.  I’ve signed up for several of these now to check them out – twitch, gig-fm, concert window, livestream and KRUE.  They all have their pros and cons, illustrated well in this article:

As I said above, I settled on KRUE for the ease of use.  It’s one of the newer platforms, but many of these artists are making good livings doing live-streams without leaving their homes.  Now, I don’t plan on giving up playing concerts or even bar gigs anytime soon, but I also don’t miss an opportunity to be reaching a wider audience – worldwide.

In one week on KRUE I’ve reached a more diverse and receptive audience than I have in years on Facebook.  That’s pretty rewarding.  The problem is, you have to jump through some hoops before they let you get tipped directly.  They want the artists to “prove” that they are ready for prime-time, by climbing up their “teaser” charts.  Teaser’s are basically short advertisements for your live stream.

Now, while my ego has a hard time with ‘proving’ my performance skills, I’ve found that by doing these live streams, it’s kind of like practicing in front of a mirror, only one that texts you on the side.  And at least there is potential for direct revenue – unlike Facebook and Twitter.

The moody “Teaser”
If you click on the title above, you can see one of my “teaser’s.”  A teaser is an ad for the artist’s live performance.  This one is my attempt to play the kind of moody, teenage pop that most of the artists seem to engage in.  It made it to fifteen on their charts.

Is This America “Teaser”
This is an original tune I wrote – and it got to 24th in their charts.  If you look closely at these windows you can see that they have been viewed thousands of times.

The “Bepop” Teaser
This “Teaser” is me playing a clip of the Charlie Parker tune, “Donna Lee.”  I think it’s pretty impressive, but it only made it to 71 on their charts.

If you’d Like to Help:
Log in to KRUE.TV using Facebook, Twitter, or your phone number, and give me a vote to become a ‘partner’  by clicking on the TIP button.  You don’t have to buy anything, and you might just enjoy the experience.  Check out some of the other artists on the site while you’re there.  If you are a fellow musician, I’d encourage you to try this live streaming service, or one of the other’s I’ve mentioned.  I believe this is another way for musicians to be heard in this new digital world, and I’d appreciate your support.

Direct to Fan Marketing
As an artist, I just want to make art.  I don’t want to sell people stuff they don’t want or need, but I do need to make a living.  I’ve done pretty well hustling gigs, arranging, composing, teaching and producing music.  I believe live streaming is the next frontier.

Services like Spotify give the consumer the illusion that they are supporting the artists, but in reality I make less than a penny from a Spotify spin.  I’m excited about sharing my music with new audiences.  Whether KRUE is the right medium or not remains to be seen, but I do know that Live Streaming Sites will help artists connect with their fans and build new relationships.

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you enjoy articles like this.


Dave Fleschner

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